My Way egyedi ötvös tűzzománc ékszerek myway

How It’s Made – My Way

The pendant is cubical shaped, it represents the stability. The pendant helps to renew the professional life, protects against possible danger and gives strength to accomplish plans and fight doubt. I call it “My Way” after the song of Frank Sinatra.

The cube is made of seven parts: acacia wood and phosphor bronze layers. The structure based on the number seven used to be a systematization in ancient history and also in the middle ages. As 4+3 it means the material and the heavenly worlds’ unity and it represents the perfection and completeness of the divine creation. In Hungarian folktales, the hero has to pass seven obstacles. After successfully passing the seventh trial, the hero gets his reward or initiation and will possess the ultimate knowledge. Since ancient ages the acacia symbolizes rebirth and the initiation into secret knowledge. Phosphor bronze is an alloy of copper, tin and phosphor. Healing power of the copper is known since the ancient ages: it is indispensable for several physiological processes and has a general painkiller effect. Phosphor means “the one who brings light”. It is a biogenic element, it takes a significant role in building up organic molecules such as DNA and RNA. The seven layers of the cube are fit together using copper rivets.

The top part of the cube is a circle in a square. This is a symbol of the divine fire encapsulated in material. The circle with the square are the Heaven and the Earth, completing each other. While the square is a symbol of human, earthly and material, the circle always symbolizes the divine, heavenly and intellectual substances. The metamorphosis of the circle into the square represents the spherical Heaven transformed to the angular shape of the Earth meaning the bringing down of Heaven to Earth, into the spaces of the divine building. It is a symbol of the completeness and the unity of contraries. Its antithesis is the metamorphosis of the square into the circle representing the transition from the earthly solidity to heavenly dissolution. Completeness, the whole, the timeless, the eternal Nirvana, in Egypt it used to be the symbol of eternity. The circle also has a magical, protecting function. The circle is an insurmountable barrier that protects against the evil souls. It was drawn around the high priest or the wizard during ceremonies. Also, warriors drew a circle around their bodies before battle to become invulnerable.

Within the pendant lives a Phoenix – one of the four divine creatures (among the dragon, the turtle and the unicorn). As a creature burning in fire and then renewing from its ashes, it symbolized the time or rebirth in the Antiquity. The function of this bird with lots of magical attributes is to represent the charity of God. It is an attribute of Hope in the theological virtues. The phoenix was created using the thousand-year-old decoration material of the goldsmith that is the goldsmith enamel technique.

“… enamel has a magical effect. It can also be seen similar to a kaleidoscope: if the sunlight or other strong light will shine on it, it will look always different. It is always distinct and special. … It can only be destroyed by a hammer as even time cannot ruin it. … It does not stand the roaming of details: like a folktale that must not be scratchy, it must attract the spectator or reader immediately. It’s saying must be clean, it must be like a pebble: uncrackable.” György Papp

The pendant hangs on a phosphor bronze guitar string. Its closure is decorated by a Celtic loop. This guarding symbol traps and holds the upcoming garbling. The wires twisted into each other represent the continuity of life. In other words, life cannot be interrupted by any means of illness or catastrophe.