Background Story – Breaking Female Energies Jewelry Series

Background Story – Breaking Female Energies Jewelry Series

THE BREAKING FEMALE ENERGIES JEWELRY SERIES is for the many kinds of women living in us. It revolves around what roles a woman appears in her life, what ancient patterns she follows. What role is it that she really feels in her element in which she can unfold? Devoted mother or warrior amazon maybe?

Mankind has a general common experience of life, death, god, mother, father, birth, good, evil. By using these primordial images, we can find solutions and possibilities already given in our existing life situation. These typical archetypes are instinctive patterns of behavior, forms of existence and behavior that reflect the basic situations of human life and often appear in symbols. These basic patterns are brought by us humans, like animals with their instincts. These thoughts come from the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

One woman needs a monogamous marriage, the other definitely needs a child to make her life complete. Some women value their independence and work better than these. What is vital to one woman may be uninteresting to another.

Ancient people displayed these roles, basic patterns by their gods. J. S. Bolen, an analytical psychiatrist illustrates the archetypes described by Jung with the figures of the Greek goddesses in her work titled Goddesses in Everywoman. The seven prominent goddesses each represent an eternal female role. The mother’s archetype is Demeter, the daughter is Persephone, the wife is Hera, the lover is Aphrodite, the sister is Artemis, the strategist guarding the hero is Athena, and the guard of the house stove is Hestia.

Not all patterns of behavior become active in everyone, one comes to the fore, the others barely move. According to J. S. Bolen, these goddesses can be summoned and called to life! The primordial types live in us; we can develop them within ourselves.

How can all this help us? We discover the energies and personalities that live in us, we can consciously shape our roles: the wife, mother or businesswoman so that we can better fulfill them. In the words of Dr. Judit Karczag, the translator of Goddesses in Everywoman:

We can learn “how to say goodbye to these roles nicely so that we can always take on newer and newer roles throughout our lives without feeling like a failure and without getting sick of the loss.”

We recognize ourselves and our fellow women, the driving forces of our actions. It can help us understand the behavior of other women and change ourselves. We can embark on a conscious journey of self-knowledge, during which we can discover the lack of a personality trait or virtue that is little developed in our character, even though its presence would be of great help to us.

Each collection in the jewelry series depicts a part and a value of a woman’s spiritual life.

The first collection consists of restrained, light-colored silver jewelry designed for the devoted mother type.

For those who are more interested in the psychological basis of the jewelry series, I have compiled the literature used and a link recommendation:

– Jean Shinoda Bolen: Goddesses in Everywoman

– Jung, C. G.: The archetypes and the collective unconscious

– Erich Neumann: Cupid and Psyche

– Zsófia Székács: 7 faces of the Woman – Which female energy is dominant within you?

– dr. Ágnes Valló: Female types – the goddesses in us

– Rebeka Bánszegi: „Man always carries with him his entire history and the history of mankind” − archetypes living in us−-bennunk-elo-archetipusok/