Creator’s thoughts

Decorating metalsmith objects with enamel goes back to ancient Egypt. In later ages it can mostly be found on Art Nouveau style objects. With appropriate design the enamelled works can be made fresh, modern, therefore unique. In my work I try to preserve the traditional goldsmith and enamel techniques (cloisonné enamel, filigree enamel, champlevé enamel, a’jour enamel) and in parallel I create objects that fit the modern design too.

Jewellery and jewellery series designed by me are based on topics that are also interesting in modern age: they can be based on literary masterpieces or the works of nature, the best artist ever. Symbols, colours, shapes, textures, materials, gemstones help in expressing the feelings and messages. I always try to choose the most appropriate technique for the given jewellery.

Most of my works are created using cloisonné enamel, filigree enamel, champlevé enamel and a’jour enamel techniques. These can be used individually or can be properly mixed on one object also. Beside these I always try to find and use new and even newer materials (wood, for example). With these I extend the limits of enamel and other techniques to create the most expressive objects possible.

I love challenge! Whenever possible I pull the dreamt composition out of the 2 dimensional flat surface. When enamelling these complex, multi-piece objects with curved surfaces I always face new situations to solve. It makes the design and creation so exciting for me.

I was told many times that with modern techniques anything can be created easily in big quantity. That is right, and these objects are pleasing ones if they were designed well. But the hand-crafted creations will make different impressions and can tell different stories than a 3D-printed object.

Choosing a hand-crafted jewellery itself is worth a thousand words expressing our values, style and self-valuation: the one-and-only versus mass-production.


“Fashion is changing, style is eternal.” Yves Saint Laurent