Breaking Female Energies Series

Devoted Mother Collection

The first set in the BREAKING FEMALE ENERGIES SERIES is the DEVOTED MOTHER COLLECTION. The jewelry of a woman who lives or wants to live the mother archetype. It is also for one who, with her creative energy, realizes her dreams in any area of life: she creates her works, sets up her business, and then nourishes and takes care of them.

The silver jewelry is decorated with symbols to help strengthen motherhood and fertility. The central motif is the tulip bud hiding her son bud and the seed hiding the fruit, known from Hungarian folk symbolism. Two colors dominate: the golden yellow color that symbolizes value and the brown color of the earth, which represents fertility, care, and stability.

The collection includes bracelets, necklaces, several earrings and queueable rings. The pieces in the collection are also available as bridal sets in white / pearl colors.