Breaking Female Energies

THE BREAKING FEMALE ENERGIES JEWELRY SERIES is for the many kinds of women living in us. It revolves around what roles a woman appears in during her life, what ancient patterns she follows. Which role is where you really feel in your element? Devoted mother or warrior amazon maybe?

Each collection in the jewelry series depicts a part and a value of a woman’s spiritual life.

As a symbol of women of different ages in different life situations, different forms of tulips appeared in the world of Hungarian folk motifs in ancient times. In the jewelry series, tulips appear in different versions, with different symbols and colors for each type of woman. The decorations were created with goldsmith enamel techniques.

We are complex, several of our sides appear at once. It also depends on your life situation, age and internal development, which becomes dominant. Which one do you want to live? Which one do you want to strengthen?

Devoted Mother

Passionate Lover

Warrior Amazon

Crazy Girl

Wise Nurse