There was not one among my ancestors who was a goldsmith. Also I never planned to become an artisan. I used to work as a lawyer for more than ten years. I first met the enamel technique in 2015. It attracted me very much so we gradually fell in love.

Ötvös tűzzománc ékszerek

While I got to know the enamel I attended the master courses of Ferenc Ötvös Nagy where all the knacks of the goldsmith enamel technique can be learned. Basically enamel is a way to decorate the goldsmith objects and this directed my attention towards goldsmith as a profession. I learned in Budapest in Szimultán Artistic School where my tutor Fanni Vékony guided me into the mysteries of the metalsmith profession and into jewellery design. From this point, my self-knowledge way interweaved with jewellery design, with self-expression by the means of jewellery and with creating the harmony with ourselves.

The goal and importance of jewellery changed by ages. As I can see, most people do not wear their jewellery intentionally: it was a gift or just the colour of the earring is like the colour of the blouse… But in fact, the selection of the jewellery tells a lot about ourselves just like clothing, posture or speaking. In my opinion wearing a well-chosen jewellery that matches the physique, face shape or season type supports our appearance. It can be a part of our self-expression and it plays a significant role in defining our own style. Wearing the jewellery, we send a message to the ones we meet in person.

With the brand KONYSSA I offer an option for self-expression and for reflecting our values. The jewellery of the KONYSSA brand are designed and hand-made by me. The name of the brand was created using the letters of my name: …

dr. Kónya-Kiss Andrea
designer, maker of Konyssa jewellery