contemporary goldsmith-enamel jewellery

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”



Decorating metalsmith objects with enamel goes back to ancient Egypt. In later ages it can mostly be found on Art Nouveau style objects. With appropriate design the enamelled works can be made fresh, modern, therefore unique. In my work I try to preserve the traditional goldsmith and enamel techniques (cloisonné enamel, filigree enamel, champlevé enamel, a’jour enamel) and in parallel I create objects that fit the modern design too.

Jewellery and jewellery series designed by me are based on topics that are also interesting in modern age: they can be based on literary masterpieces or the works of nature, the best artist ever. Symbols, colours, shapes, textures, materials, gemstones help in expressing the feelings and messages. I always try to choose the most appropriate technique for the given jewellery.

Andrea dr. Kónya-Kiss
designer, maker of Konyssa jewelry

kortárs ötvös-zománc ékszerek

How are KONYSSA jewellery made?