A’jour enamel earrings

Peacock set

The jewelry is a uniquely designed silver piece, handmade in every detail.
The earrings consist of two parts:

  • the hanger is the head and neck of the bird,
  • the hanging, moving part on it depicts its tail feathers.

The tail part is made with plique a’jour enamel technique, turquoise jewelry enamel.
The breakthroughs on the curved silver plate show the structure and pattern of the feathering. The light shines through the turquoise enamel as if it were a miniature stained glass window.
During the peacock’s wedding dance, the movements are guided by a peculiar inner rhythm, which gives the steps a special elegance. This wedding dance is evoked by the moving tail part when wearing the earrings.
Made in small quantities, domestic product.


108 000 Ft

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Size: approx. 60 mm long, approx. 15 mm wide
Material: silver, jewelry enamel
Goldsmith enamel technique: a’jour enamel
Weight per piece with enamel: approx. 4 grams
Color: silver, turquoise
Marked as a precious metal (sterling silver) in Hungary with a fineness of 925 ‰.
You can find out more details about making jewelry in the workshop!

Other Information

The jewelry is delivered to your house by courier service. Delivery time is 30 days after payment for jewelry.

The jewelry is shipped with a gift box.

The jewelry is handmade, so the finished pieces may differ slightly from the images above.
You can request the jewelry to the beneficiary recipient’s shipping address with a greeting card with a personal message. You can use the Special Requests box when ordering.
The jewelry is a fragile piece containing glass parts. It is recommended to wipe the surface of silver objects regularly with a silver cleaning cloth.

Cancellation is possible within 14 days of receipt.