Rose petal earring

“In the palm of God” series

The jewelry is a handmade, uniquely designed piece of silver.
Made in small quantities, domestic product.


35 000 Ft


Size: approx. 33 mm x 24 mm
Material: sterling silver
Weight of the ring: 6 grams / piece
Marked as a precious metal (sterling silver) in Hungary with a fineness of 925 ‰.

Other Information

The jewelry is delivered to your house by courier service. Delivery time is 30 days after payment for jewelry.

The jewelry is shipped with a gift box.

The jewelry is handmade, so the finished pieces may differ slightly from the images above.
You can request the jewelry to the beneficiary recipient’s shipping address with a greeting card with a personal message. You can use the Special Requests box when ordering.
The jewelry is a fragile piece containing glass parts. It is recommended to wipe the surface of silver objects regularly with a silver cleaning cloth.

Cancellation is possible within 14 days of receipt.