BAUHAUS brooch

What message will you send to the world? –  Bauhaus brooch

The owner of the jewellery communicates to the world when wearing the brooch. There is a secondary, personal meaning also associated to this. This is on the back side of the brooch and is only visible for the owner.

The base of the jewellery is a square shaped copper plate. The back side is grey and it holds the main message of the object: “Color it again!”. Forget about the monotone grey and colour it again! In contrary to the grey the front of the brooch shows a pink square and a yellow circle on a blue background. The colours are not mingled at all. These are the colours that a colour printer uses to create any colour while printing. Its message is: “Be happy and create your own colourful world!”

Following the guidelines, I designed the brooch in Bauhaus style. The base is made of copper and the brossirung is made of brass. The call is carved into the enamel sludge using “Bauhaus” font. The front is also covered with enamel sludge, the shapes are also carved.

enamel sludge, copper, brass

I created this jewellery during the goldsmith course of Szimultan Art School.