Brand presentation

KONYSSA offers the presence of artistic beauty in our everyday life by making characteristic, artistic jewellery. The pieces, mostly made with traditional fire enamel techniques, are characterized by a clean, modern design. KONYSSA jewellery is based on the themes of the present era, elaborates on the theme of literary works or draws inspiration from the works of the best artist, nature.

The limited edition or custom-made quantity guarantees KONYSSA jewellery shoppers a special look that is beyond the reach of others. 

The small series collections can serve as a basis for the production of personalized jewellery, every detail of which expresses the message and values that the customer wants to present and record.

The pieces with simple but definite lines are the perfect complement to stylish, sophisticated clothing. They give their wearer a show-off, yet striking look as part of their casual or business attire, even at events.

KONYSSA stands out from other brands with its clean and expressive visual world, the unique, often deep meaning of jewellery, precisely processed objects, and the implementation of rarely used goldsmith techniques. The name of the brand consists of the letters of the name of jewellery designer dr. Andrea Kónya-Kiss.

According to the brand’s creed: When someone chooses a handmade accessory for themselves, they are already telling a lot about their own values, style, and how much they value themselves: not a mass product, but a one-time and unrepeatable one.

Introduction of the designer

There was not one among my ancestors who was a goldsmith. Also I never planned to become an artisan. I used to work as a lawyer for more than ten years. I first met the enamel technique in 2015. It attracted me very much so we gradually fell in love.

While I got to know the enamel I attended the master courses of Ferenc Ötvös Nagy where all the knacks of the goldsmith enamel technique can be learned. Basically enamel is a way to decorate the goldsmith objects and this directed my attention towards goldsmith as a profession. I learned in Budapest in Szimultán Artistic School where my tutor Fanni Vékony guided me into the mysteries of the metalsmith profession and into jewellery design. From this point, my self-knowledge way interweaved with jewellery design, with self-expression by the means of jewellery and with creating the harmony with ourselves.

The goal and importance of jewellery changed by ages. As I can see, most people do not wear their jewellery intentionally: it was a gift or just the colour of the earring is like the colour of the blouse… But in fact, the selection of the jewellery tells a lot about ourselves just like clothing, posture or speaking. In my opinion wearing a well-chosen jewellery that matches the physique, face shape or season type supports our appearance. It can be a part of our self-expression and it plays a significant role in defining our own style. Wearing the jewellery, we send a message to the ones we meet in person.

With the brand KONYSSA I offer an option for self-expression and for reflecting our values. The jewellery of the KONYSSA brand are designed and hand-made by me. The name of the brand was created using the letters of my name: …

dr. Kónya-Kiss Andrea
designer, maker of Konyssa jewellery

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